Gardening-An Expression

Things You Should Know About Gardening

by: Bonnie Moss

  • Give the same plants to several people, you will see several arrangements. Each one distinct and different, yet, using the same plants.

    This is the ultimate reward of gardening- a means
    to express, to create with the help and inspiration
    from the gifts of Nature.

    Gardening is not just physically and aesthetically
    rewarding.It enriches the spirit. It awakens one's
    creativity that lies dormant from neglect, or lack of
    motivation, or a popular excuse, not enough time.

    Gardening is fast becoming a popular hobby of the times.
    From the tropics , to the frigid climes, gardening centers
    are offering more choices to tantalize even the most
    conservative taste.

    Each year, gardeners look forward with excitement
    to their gardening; a hobby they take passionately.
    What new plants are being introduced? What variety
    of surprises awaits them? The ornamental gardener will be
    glorious with the new plants or hybrids for the present
    growing season. The vegetable/herb gardener
    looks forward with anticipation at harvest time.

    With so much variety to choose from, what factors
    determine which plants to buy? After considering the
    soil, weather, sun/shade location factors, the
    choice is all about self- expression.

    No two gardens are alike, given the same set of plants.

    Colors are as revealing as the plants. A conservative
    gardener will opt for traditional plants. At times, you see
    the same plants, the same arrangements year after year.
    Aha!! Perhaps the gardener does not adapt to
    change too quickly. It may be lack of time, or change
    of physical health.

    Vibrant colors in the garden reflect a vibrant gardener.
    A garden bursting with colors is very attractive and
    pleasing to look at. It is inviting.

    What about passion? They say red is a color of passion,
    of energy and courage. Add white to the reds, and the
    garden beckons the passer-by to take a look. Someone
    said this combination looks like a candy cane.

    My garden is overcome by burst of yellows and orange,
    not really by choice. Somehow, it gives out a golden glow
    as the blooms bask in the sun. It reflects my enthusiasm
    for life. Many of my plants are gifts from friends, treasures
    for my garden. Yellow flowers remind me of my mother.

    Purples and blues in the garden are colors of reflection,
    of peace and calm. Add white flowers to this and it
    invites a meditative mood.

    After colors, the arrangements of the plants reveal
    something of the person. I have a friend whose
    flowerbeds are symmetrical, weedless, picture-
    perfect, right out of a magazine. Indeed, this expresses
    her organized way of thinking and living.

    A gardener who loves to re-arrange the plants and
    loves to add new plants and ornaments shows an
    enthusiastic and energetic spirit, ready to welcome
    change, eager to experiment.

    What about an overgrown garden? Perhaps it reflects
    someone with scattered energies, at times, a full
    plate, or one who does not have the time or energy
    to tend the garden. It may well show one who starts
    with a burst of enthusiasm that wanes quickly after
    the planting is done.

    No matter how you plan your garden, it is a
    creative tool that allows you to express yourself.
    Gardening is therapeutic,physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Happy gardening.Don't forget to talk to
    your plants.

    About the writer:

    Bonnie Moss writes about spirituality, tools available to all
    to walk the path. Visit her website , a metaphysical site that offers information on tarot, crystals, aura,angels, journalling and other topics.
    She is the Executive Secretary of Tarot Canada International, contributes articles to the newsletter,
    Future Endeavours and other ezines.

    Visit her website:

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